Honesty, pragmatism and professional innovation
Honesty, pragmatism and professional innovation

Honesty, pragmatism and professional innovation

Taste Huihong food, enjoy healthy life
Taste Huihong food, enjoy healthy life

Taste Huihong food, enjoy healthy life

Huihong Industrial Co., Ltd.

        Huihong Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the Food Processing Park of Shaoshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the hometown of a great person. As a large industrial company free from any industry limitation and prefixed with no administrative region name, it was incorporated in July 2013……

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Frozen Fresh Meat

The carcass after slaughter is rapidly cooled to 0-4°C within 24 hours, and remains in this temperature range in following processing, circulation, and selling procedures. The meat is “matured” after being pre-cooled to remove the acid, making it visually wet with soft, elastic handfeel and smooth, tender mouthfeel.

Fresh Meat

Fresh meat refers to the pork that is salable without being frozen. As a traditional way of pork sales in China, it fits with the consumption habits of Chinese consumers. Pigs are slaughtered in the midnight and the pork is released on the market in the early morning. This form of meat has taken the main position in China’s meat market for a long time.

Frozen Meat

It refers to the meat that undergoes pre-cooling and freezing at a temperature of -18℃ after pigs are slaughtered, with the inner meat temperature below -6°C. The meat can be stored for long in an extremely low temperature. After being frozen, the meat still retains most of the color and fragrance of fresh meat, therefore this form of meat is widely applied.

Meat Processing

Our product mainly include sausage, preserved meat, meat cubes, meatballs, dumplings, bacon, roasted suckling (adult) pigs, and other deeply-processed cooked food products.


Slaughtering and Cutting
We have newly built a 21186.7m2 standard workshop for slaughtering, processing, cutting, and packaging. The production line and all equipment, which are fully automatic, apply Danish technologies,
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Cold Chain Warehousing
We have newly built freezing warehouses, cold storage warehouses, and room temperature warehouses covering a total area of 28000m2, with a storage capacity of 50,000 tons.
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Logistics & Delivery
In order to meet business needs to freeze, warehouse, and deliver local agricultural products in Shaoshan area, we have been equipped with several refrigerated trucks
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