Chairman's Speech

Sincerity, diligence, humility, perseverance

I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to every person related to Huihong! We are a booming company that has been geared towards a higher starting point.

Since the inception, we have been devoted to becoming a first-ranking meat company that is trusted by clients, proud of by employees, and recognized by the society. While upholding the Shaoshan spirit of “daring to sacrifice for a ground-breaking future”, we are also standing fast to the core philosophy of “Huihong food for a healthy life” in our pursuit of greatness.

Our cause is not for any single employee, but for all of us. We firmly believe that we will certainly grow steadily, rapidly, and healthily with your understanding, trust, care, and support. We would like to join hands with you on our way towards a brighter tomorrow!